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Don't Leave Spring Cleaning For Spring!
20May 2015
Don't Leave Spring Cleaning For Spring!

Ignore the name and spring clean throughout the year! Little and often is the trick and it is the surest way to get fantastic results from your house cleaning, without having to deal with all the stress that comes with having to deep clean an entire house. So, keep your house in top condition all year round by using these home cleaning tips.

1.    Organise and de-clutter.
Before you even pick up a broom or get in any cleaners, it’s a good idea to organise things first. Go from room to room and dispose of any junk that you no longer need. For those items you want to keep, store them away in cupboards or boxes, which will free up some extra space and make it a lot easier when you get down to cleaning.

2.    Remove any stains and unpleasant odours.
Don’t turn a blind eye to stains and marks hoping that they’ll disappear, because the chances are that they’ll only get worse. Get rid of stains as soon as you notice them, as fresh stains can be absorbed and removed pretty easily, but let it linger, and they’ll become deep set, sticky and smelly. You’ll need to implement different techniques depending on the type of surface and material that you need to treat. Marks on stone worktops or other hard surfaces can just be rubbed away with some elbow grease and a soapy water solution. But upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning require different treatments. If you rub at a stain on your upholstery material, or any fabric for that matter, it’s only going to get worse and be harder to remove. It’s best to dab at a fresh stain then sprinkle with a stain removal powder. Baking soda can also be used to eliminate odours; it’s cheap and can give you fantastic results.

3.    Clean you windows inside and out.
People often forget to clean their windows, but in reality, a clean and clear window can have a really big impact of the way you see the rest of your house. A clean window will let in plenty of light, and will really uplift the appearance of your rooms. There’s no fancy material and equipment required here. Simply make up a bucket of soapy water and get yourself an old newspaper. Wipe the solution onto your window, then buff using a scrunched up newspaper. Wipe clean immediately afterwards because you don’t want the water to dry and leave marks. Once you clean one side of your window, it’s logical to clean the other side, because it won’t do any good if one side is filthy. So do the same on the outer side, but only if safe to do so. If you need to climb up a ladder, ask someone to give you a helping hand by passing you equipment and holding the ladder.

4.    Make use of your vacuum cleaner.
If you’ve got an old vacuum cleaner, it’s well worth investing in a modern one. They can be used to clean a range of different surfaces, including hard floors and carpets, upholstery and even your curtains! Swap around the attachments and nozzles when you clean different surfaces and you’ll be amazed at the amount of cleaning that you can get done using just one piece of equipment.

5.    Should you need some help, there’s always the option of calling a cleaning company.
Nowadays, there are plenty of cleaning companies out there, all providing different cleaning services at different prices. Do your research, look at company reviews, make some calls and then hire a company that will suit your needs.